National Emergency Operations Command (NEOC)

What is NEOC?

A National Emergency Operations Command (NEOC) has been established within the NDRRMC and is activated whenever a disaster or any other major crisis becomes imminent. The NEOC is multi-agency, comprising representatives from Ministries/Departments, other emergency services, NGO’s and Private Sectors. It is the main coordinating body during the preparedness, response and recovery phases of any disaster or for any other major crisis falling within its purview. In the event of a disaster it is the Commissioner of Police who leads disaster response operations at the NEOC with the assistance of the NDRRMC staff and such other agencies as may be appropriate in the circumstances. The NEOC is used solely for the purpose of coordinating all activities during a disaster and as a backbone makes use of the well-established command, control, coordination and communication system of the Police so as to avoid unnecessary duplication of resources.  

Disaster Risk Management Structure for the Republic of Mauritius

Functions of NEOC

(1) In the event of a disaster, NEOC shall be activated to coordinate and monitor all response and recovery activities.

(2) The NEOC is a multi-agency with members from the public and private sectors and it reports to the National Crisis Committee.

(3) The NEOC is headed by the Commissioner of Police.

Activation of NEOC

Depending upon magnitude and severity or potential magnitude or severity of crisis/disaster there are THREE levels:

Level I:     Monitoring of situation by NDRRMC staff

Level II:   Monitoring by NDRRMC staff assisted by representatives from main First Responders (Police, MFRS + depending upon situation)

Level III: Full scale activation with all designated NEOC members.

Powers of NEOC - NDRRM Legislation
- Close/divert public roads
- Evacuation voluntary or by using force
- Use of public facilities, educational insitutions, stadiums, gymnasiums, parking places, or any other public places for purpose of sheltering.
- Direct closure of underground facilities, subways, underpasses etc.
- Deploy such resources as may be required.

List of members of NEOC (to be included)

1 Prime Minister's  Office

            1. (i) Mauritius Police Force (PIOR, SMF, SSU, NCG, Traffic Branch)
  1. (ii) Mauritius Meteorological Services
  2. (iii) Government Information Service

2 Ministry of Tourism

  1. (i) Tourism Authority
  2. (ii) Mauritius Ports Authority
  3. (iii) Department of Civil Aviation

3  Ministry of Housing and Lands

4  Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities

  1. (i) Energy Services Division
  2. (ii) Radiation Protection Authority
  3. (iii) Central Electricity Board
  4. (iv) Central Water Authority
  5. (v) Wastewater Management Authority
  6. (vi) Water Resources Unit

5  Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

6  Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation

7 Ministry of Youth and Sports

8  Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport

  1. (i) National Transport Authority
  2. (ii) Road Development Authority
  3. (iii) Landslide Management Unit

9  Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

10  Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

11  Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands

  1. (i) Mauritius Fire and Rescue Servvice

12  Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment

13  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

14  Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare

15  Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries, Shipping and Outer Islands

  1. (i) Mauritius Oceanography Institute
  2. (ii) Outer Islands Development Corporation

16  Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development

17  Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms

18  Joint Economic Council

19  Mauritius Employers Federation

20  Mauritius Red Cross Society