National Crisis Committee (NCC)

The National Crisis Committee (NCC) is convened in crisis situation under the chair of the Minister of Local Government and Disaster Risk Management. The National Crisis Committee shall have all the functions and powers of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and shall take decisive and timely actions through the National Emergency Operations Command (NEOC) to safeguard the life of persons in danger. Depending upon the extent, magnitude and severity of the threat, the multi-agencied NEOC is activated to coordinate and monitor all preparedness, response, relief and recovery activities associated with the event.
The management of crisis/emergencies/disasters operates on a three-tiers system involving the National Crisis Committee at Minister’s level, the NEOC at national level and the Local Emergency Operations Command (LEOC) at municipal/district council levels. The NDRRMC also includes a Documentation Cell to ensure accessibility of disaster related information and is open to the public during office hours.

Functions and Powers of National Crisis Committee (Section 16 of NDRRM Act 2016)

(a) Ensure that general preparedness plans are activated at all levels.

(b) Safeguard the life of persons in danger, including evacuation of persons at risk.

(c) Supervise the organisation of disaster response operations.

(d) Provide relief assistance.

(e) Take appropriate measures during the initial recovery phase.

(f) take such other measures as may be appropriate in the circumstances.

(g) Issue an order directing any person to remain indoors as long as it is unsafe to venture outside.

(h) Issue an order directing any person to evacuate their premises or any public places.

(i) Issue an order directing any person in a particular area to be evacuated within a certain specified time.

(j) Issue an order directing any person not to venture near rivers, canals, water courses and cliffs.

(k) Issue an order directing any person, including any fisherman, not to venture at sea, on beaches or on islets during heavy rainfall or
     inundation, and to stop any outdoor activitiy.

(l) Issue an order declaring a localised area a disaster or potential disaster area and cause the evacuation and restrict access thereat.

Composition of the National Crisis Committee (Section 15 of NDRRM Act 2016)

The National Crisis Committee consist of -

(a) The Minister  (Chairperson);

(b) Secretary to Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service ;
(c) Secretary for Home Affairs;
(d) Supervising officer of the Ministry;
(e) Commissioner of Police;
(f) Director-General NDRRMC;
(g) Director , Mauritius Meteorological Services;
(h) Chief Fire Officer, Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service;
(i) Director , SAMU; and
(j) Such other person as the Chairperson may determine