Mobile Command Post

The Mobile Command Post is key to strengthening command and coordination on ground during disaster related crises and incidents with first responders.

In the event of a disaster the National Emergency Operation Command (NEOC) is activated to coordinate and monitor all response and recovery activities. With a view of strengthening command and coordination on site during multi- agency intervention during trainings, simulation exercises and as well as during real situation, the National Disaster Risk reduction and Management Centre has procured a Mobile Emergency and Command Post Vehicle.

The Mobile Command Post Vehicle is equipped with an operation area with computers and other communication facilities which provide an essential link between on site and national decision support and command and control system (NEOC).

Purpose of the Mobile Command Post Vehicle

1. On-site coordination requiring multi-agency interventions (e.g. Localised Flooding, Landslide, Oil Spill, HAZMAT, Off-Airport Aircraft Crash).

2. Training on Incident Command: Simulation Exercises.