High Waves Warning

HIgh Waves Warning

The Mauritius Meteorological Services issues warning for high waves arising from heavy swells which has originated far from our region or due to storm surge arising from a distant storm/cyclone. As far as practicable, about 12 hours in advance, a Special Communique is issued to inform the public of any impending high waves based on observation available.

Storm Surge Warning
Storm surge warning is issued when a storm/cyclone is evolving close to our region. It is usually included in the Cyclone Warning issued.
Special Communique
A Special Communique will be issued by the MMS, as far as practicable, about 12 hours in advance when such waves are detected or observed in order to allow for preparedness. The communique will be disseminated to the NDRRMC and other relevant stakeholders, including the media and will be updated, as necessary. It will, inter alia, give a general indication when seas are expected to become rough, the heigh of the waves, as far as practicable, and the regions where there may be a probability of surges, without being site specific.

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