Flood prone life threatening/ Critical Sites

As per information collected in March 2019, from the 12 Local Authorities, the National Development Unit (NDU) and the Road Development Authority (RDA), some 480 sites have been identified across the island as being affected at varying degree by water accumulation and flooding. 

Out of these 480 identified sites, 56 sites are considered to be life threatening/critical and may cause serious disruption to socio-economic activities. These have to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
The structural / hard measures (drains) which have to be implemented in these 56 life threatening/critical sites are being monitored by the Land Drainage Authority.

At the level of the NDRRMC, three major actions (soft measures) have been undertaken with regard to the 56 life threatening/critical sites, as follows:

·      Implementing Community Disaster Response Programme (CDRP);

·      Sensitisation Campaigns; and

·      Development of Emergency / Contingency Plans.
Moreover, the NDRRMC is also assisting the local authorities to prepare the respective emergency / contingency plans for these 40 regions.  During the CDRP, the community is also sensitised on basic precautionary measures, amongst others.

Landslide Risks
There are three identified potential landslide areas in Mauritius: Quatre Soeurs, Vallée Pitot and Chitrakoot. In these areas specific landslide monitoring equipment has been installed and the community sensitised.